High Light, Peak Light, Lake Light, City Light, Snow Light, Land Light books by Dave Butcher

Customer Testimonials

Reproduced here are unsolicited comments from customers who have bought my photographs and books. More testimonials from customers can be found under Courses and Lectures. The names have been withheld for confidentiality.


"The order listed in this email is a rather belated birthday gift to my friend in the UK. If possible, please do not include an invoice. I'll let him know to expect a parcel from you sometime during the next few weeks. I've looked at your website several times over the past year or so, enjoying your medium format black & white photographs. I know my friend Peter will enjoy the books and the photo, as he's spent many holidays walking that area of Switzerland. And he'll also appreciate the fact that your photographs are on film, developed in a darkroom -- as do I. Thanks very much!" BF, New York USA 1-May-15

"Dear Jan, Just received the 5 photos that I ordered from you at Wisley RHS,thought you might like to know that we got them before Christmas and will be having them framed shortly, thank you for getting them to us so promptly and I wish you and Dave a very happy Christmas, Best Wishes." APT, Surrey, 24-December-2014

Hi Dave, All arrived safely in Yorkshire before Christmas and was very well received as a present. Just hanging all three b and w pictures this evening. Looking great ! Many thanks again. DB, London, 29-December-2012

"Hi Dave and Jan, I'm so pleased I bought this picture today - it looks fantastic on the wall and I didn't have to take any others down to make room for it. My daughter, Sue, was even more impressed when I told her that you're a Chelsea supporter! Hope you've both had a good day. AH, Congleton, 21-July-2012

"Hello Dave, The print arrived a few minutes ago and I am very pleased with it. Best wishes". RC, Loughborough, 4-April-2012

"Dave, Just to say how much I am enjoying your book Lake Light, which I got at Focus. It was good to meet you at the show. Best regards". KL, 4-March-2012 

Hello Jan and Dave, I am delighted with the print of Arcade de Prince which I received last week. I shall add the Arcade to my list of places to visit when I am in Paris in February. I had confused this Arcade with the one on Champs Elysees, which I think may have been designed by the same person as they are so similar! I look forward to seeing your Glasgow prints on the website. Regards, RH, Scotland, 29-November-2011

"Dave, May I first thank you for sending me the new print ordered before the Christmas break. Both Margaret and I think it will look fabulous , when framed, mounted with the others in our hall. May I also thank you for your help and hospitality shown when we came to see you both on the 10th. December last year. It was greatly appreciated. Finally, may we wish you both a very happy and prosperous New Year. Kind regards." CJ & MJ, Kenilworth, 4 January 2011

"Just to confirm I picked the photo up yesterday. Really happy with it and quite excited about giving it to my mother! I'm sure we'll purchase from you again in the future. Many thanks." JS, Swanwick, 8 October 2010

"Just collected it from the post office (missed the delivery by 2 mins yesterday!). It's a wonderful photo and I know my brother will love it. Thank you for being so helpful - a great buying experience! Best wishes." JW, London, 21 September 2010

"I collected the photographs today and they are fantastic. Thank you so much." ZM, Buxton, 15 July 2010

"Many thanks for this it arrived today. It is a wonderful photo, I grew up in Buxton and we loved your photos when we visited in May – we saw your exhibition in the Pavilion Gardens. Thanks again." KB, Surrey, 8 July 2010

"Hey Dave, only got back last night after a rewarding Four Peaks Challenge. The Girls won the Ladies team award - so well worth the effort. I gave the 4 Peaks framed pics to each of the 3 girls when they arrived back in Sheffield late last night. They were obviously very touched and  appreciated the quality of the 4 Peaks Quartet. Many thanks again for delivering personally and for responding so quickly to my request." JK, Sheffield, 5 July 2010

"The photo actually turned up today with my in-laws as it was a 40th wedding anniversary present for them. I have literally just had a phone call from them and they are delighted with both the photo and book. They said the photo is stunning, so many thanks from both of us." SM & AM, Rugby, 14 April 2010

"St Anton photo arrived at my hotel in St Anton as promised and looks great. Thanks." CR, London, 13 April 2010 

"Just a short note to thank you for the prompt despatch of my ordered copy of Lake Light. The photos are superb, many thanks for producing the book and allowing us to have access to them. Two weeks ago I went back to the lakes, to Keswick, for a weeks holiday. It was 39 years since I have visited the area, I now wonder why!! We had 4 consecutive full days of sunshine and 2 half days of sun which led to picture taking from dawn to dusk, at some of the locations seen in the book. The biggest difference was the lack of water in some places. Ashness bridge just had a trickle and Derwent was quite low but the snow on the tops made up for it and the best reflection conditions on the lakes making it a superb experience. I hope one day soon to attend one of your courses and in the meantime follow your blog. Many thanks again.", CH, 23 March 2010

"Managed to collect photos from Buxton Gallery last Sunday. Snow amazing crossing over by Flash. Thanks very much. Photos are great." JF, Stoke-on-Trent, 19 January 2010

Comment after a 1-to-1 course for 3 days: "These photographs were taken during a very cold weekend in December 2009 in the High Peaks, Derbyshire, during a black and white photography workshop with local landscape photographer Dave Butcher. All the photos are black and white, most taken on my Mamiya 7 medium format 6x7 rangefinder camera (which performed magnificently), some taken with my Leica M6 and Bessa R2C rangefinder 35mm film cameras. I can highly recommend Dave's work and courses. He is a first class photographer with an infectious passion for film and black and white. His tuition in dark room printing was as enjoyable and useful as taking the photos with him." NdM, London, 23 December 2009

Thanks for the picture - it's lovely." SP, Oxfordshire, 13 November 2009

At a homes show in Chester last year..the photographs brought me to tears! If possible can the image reach me for the 17th October as it is a present for my husband. Hopefully he'll find it a beautiful memory of our time living near the peaks; a view to enjoy everyday!" JJ, Leigh-on-Sea, 1 October 2009

"Just a quick note to tell you the two books ordered yesterday have arrived this morning, so many thanks for that. I have to say that your photographs are simply stunning, and they will inspire me to hopefully improve my own black & white photography.  It is also very gratifying to know there are other photographers like yourself who still use traditional film. I have been doing black & white since around the early 1990's, but unfortunately for the last five years or so I haven't been involved as much, so I definitely want to get back into it again.  I normally use Ilford FP4 and HP5, but my local Jessops store only seem to keep 2 or 3 rolls in stock at any one time.  I contacted Ilford fearing that film may be on its way out, but thankfully they assured me that there was still demand for it. Well, once again thank you very much for the books - and thanks for signing them too." CV, 17 March 2009

"Just looking at your new Chicago images. Wow! They are gorgeous. Is that moon in Chicago a double exposure? Amazing." TB, Michigan USA, 3 March 2010

"OMG these are fantastic. I've been to Chicago many times but your new web images images put a completely different spin on a city I thought I knew really well." MDV, New York, 1 March 2010

"What wonderful photos of Chicago!! You're not just a pretty face!!", WP, Delaware USA, 28 February 2010

"The pictures arrived safely today. We are very impressed with the packaging but more importantly we think that the photos are fantastic! Thank you very much for turning them around so quickly. We are looking forward to meeting you when you come to Henley upon Thames in May. Please could you send us details of this event when you know." TC & GC, Purley, 17 February 2009

"Thank you for letting us use your magnificent photographs in our magazine story. I also include your web site address to give readers further education on black and white photography. Your web pages are exceptionally informative." MM, Finland, 11 September 2008

""Just to say that the print arrived safe and sound today - many thanks. It's now hanging above my desk!", EV, 9-September-2008

"Love the pictures, and the website. Many of the places you have covered are special to us. As I said, New York, San Francisco and Yosemite are particularly familiar, but we lived in Paris for a year and actually went to a wedding at The Breakers! It was a pleasure chatting to you on Saturday. Best wishes for continued success with your venture." BK, Harpenden, 1 September 2008

"Hi Dave, I absolutely LOVE your photos! Brilliant. I am a Toronto fine arts photographer and am just switching from Kodak HIE to "other" infrared films, 35mm. I see you have enormous success with Ilford. Can you kindly comment on its performance as compared with the HIE (no longer available, sadly) or the Rollei or Efke? You might have the real goods on this kind of comparison. Thanks so very much!", SL, Canada, 13 August 2008

 "I just wanted to say thank you for getting the picture to me so quickly last week. The photo looks great, I'm very pleased with it. Many thanks." SR, London, 11 August 2008

"Good to meet you both last Saturday. Enjoyed the exhibition and now enjoying the book. Good luck with this project." TE, Derby, 7 June 2008

"Received your book a while ago - should have thanked you for it then.  Better late than never, so many thanks. Just seen your exhibition at Buxton Museum which is great. Seeing those images at a much bigger size really brings them out.  Particularly impressed with the printing too, superb." PT, Matlock, 8 March 2008

"I just recently discovered your website and was very impressed at your work, your personal biography and the many accomplishments you have attained in your life. I recently retired and began to pursue an old pastime of mine; B+W photography. Much like yourself, I also have the Mamiya 7II camera body with a newly purchased 43mm wide angle, 65mm and 80mm lens. I also have some 35mm camera gear that will be used to supplement my Mamiya 7II. It's my desire to visit many of the National Parks here in the U.S.A, and work to capture their beauty. I had the opportunity in the 1980's to travel to some very nice places in Europe, but I wasn't focused on my photography at that time; work took precedence! Anyway, just wanted to say how much I admire your work, your subject matter, and the many things you have succeeded at accomplishing both on a professional and personal level. I especially enjoyed your commentary on "Technical". You gave me some very good ideas for equipment when hiking the higher elevations here in the USA. Kind regards.", SL, USA, 5-March-2008

 "It's so inspiring to see how much you have developed in the 3 years since we met! Lovely work, sensitive and evocative. Great stuff David - got your Peak Light today - great thank you." IKK & JKK, Earl Sterndale, March 2008

"Really enjoyed the exhibition, great to see quality work!" AC, Colne, March 2008

"Dramatic views of the Peaks, excellent." CS, Newcastle, March 2008

"Good show. Not John Blakemore, not Paul Hill but a style of your own." RN, Belper, March 2008

"I wish I could buy them all! They're beautiful." VM, Edinburgh, February 2008

"Breathtaking views." GM, USA, February 2008

"Wonderful, dramatic landscapes." AO, Matlock, February 2008

"Brooding drama in a lot of my favourite places." BN, Edale, February 2008

"Excellent. Well worth the drive from the south." MM, Overseal, February 2008

"Great trees - very imaginative! Derwent Torrent is brilliant. I really enjoyed this lovely exhibition. Thanks." AD & SD, Chesterfield, February 2008 

"Lone Tree 1 is Best in Show! Fab B&W images." DG, Buxton, February 2008

"You have captured Derbyshire at its best." MC, Richmond, February 2008

"Stunning compositions, love Lone Tree, great photos, very evocative - black and white is so effective." SH, Liss, February 2008

"Very much enjoyed your Exhibition in Buxton Museum today. I have always found B/W photography so refreshing in this complex digital age we are now living in. I studied Photography as part of a course at Plymouth College of Art in the seventies and still have a collection of 35mm Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses, which the exhibition has inspired me to use again. I would be interested to know what formats you use and which filter for enhancing the cloud detail so effectively? PT, 30-January-2008

"Well printed and excellent exhibition, well done." MH, Macclesfield, January 2008

"I was inspired and uplifted by some of these photographs, reminding me of Ansel Adams. Too bad there were no technical details." BB, Lambourn, January 2008

"Thanks for the B&W images of our beautiful surroundings and all the moments captured." JA, Biddulph, January 2008

"Beautiful photos - the tree series is stunning! Love it." KN, Rugby, January 2008

"Love the shot of Stanton Moor - one of my favourite spots!" EH, Cardiff, January 2008

"Beautiful, particularly Lone Trees." AH, Matlock, January 2008

 "Your work inspired me to take up photography again after a break of many years. Now I am thinking of going pro. Many thanks." IP, Buxton, January 2008

"Wonderful exhibition. Stunning." LH, Leek, January 2008

"Some phenomenal work!" SB, Buxton, January 2008

"Excellent exhibition - some stunning scenery." SC, Sheffield, January 2008

"Stunning, a good example of traditional B&W photography by an expert." BB, Nottingham, January 2008

"Just great to come and view such wonderful work expertly produced in the traditional way." TF, Ashbourne, january 2008

"First class composition and technical ability - gives others a view as to how good photography and processing can be if done by an expert. Maybe one day digital could be this good? I'd be happy to be half as good." JG, Edale, January 2008 

"Outstanding shots of scenes." RJ, Derby, January 2008

"Superb." HL, Buxton, January 2008

"Stunning photos." JH, Aylesbury, January 2008

"Wonderful photos. Textures are amazing." GF, Prestbury, January 2008

"The stamps of winter passage are very suggestive." NT, Naples. January 2008

"Brilliant - hope to see much more in years to come." KS, Buxton, January 2008

"Tres belle! Surtout les arbres!" KH, Manchester, January 2008

"Beautiful photos - just my scenes! Now own the book - great!" SC, Buxton, January 2008

"Inspirational!" SR, Buxton, January 2008

"Great exhibiiton of stunning landscapes." EW, Longnor, January 2008

"Continue to inspire." RW, Alsager, January 2008

"What a talent. Love Snowy Trees and the Lone Trees series. Wonderful Dave." PT & NT, Buxton, January 2008

"Wonderful exhibition. Very well presented." CN & PN, South Darley, January 2008

"Nice to see the large prints! Great stuff." MH, Sheffield, January 2008

"Emotive work, well done." RD, West Bromwich, January 2008

"A brilliant exhibition. An inspiration to us all." JE, Sheffield, January 2008

"A magnificent collection." VJ, Sheffield, January 2008

"Wonderful inspiring work." GH, Cheadle Hulme, January 2008

"I was browsing the internet and I came across your BEAUTIFUL website!!" C, 4-November-2007

"Saw your photographs for the first time at Buxton today, and just loved your work. I have never done mono, but may be up for a course next year. Will be in touch soon as I would like a picture for my daughter for Christmas as she loves mono - undecided between Solomans Temple and the Crescent, but think I need to see the actual pictures." GS, Staffordshire, 27 October 2007

"May I just say that I was very impressed by your exhibited work at the Botanical gardens in Sheffield recently." KL, Sheffield, 29 September 2007

"Hi Dave, It was really lovely to meet you and you wife the other week and we adore the photo. James' party was a few weeks ago and he loved his present. He was a little overwhelmed at first and couldn't take it all in but later when I chatted with him he told me how much he loved it and couldn't believe that you had gone and taken the pictures especially for him!  I've attached a photo of when he opened it for you! Thank you so much for all your help with this perfect present, it is something James will treasure forever I am sure." JL, Dove Holes, 18 August 2007

"The photograph arrived safely and is as beautiful as I remember. Thank you." MF, Reading, 14 June 2007

"Just to let you know that my print arrived safe and sound this week, in plenty of time for me to find a frame before my mother's ordination. It looks great and I am sure Mum will be thrilled with it. Next time we are back in the area we will no doubt pop in to see your gallery." RD, Kendal, 13 June 2007

"I have just recently visited your Black and White Fine Art page and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. Your landscape photos are simply breathtaking." MK, USA, 7 June 2007

"Would just like to say I have been looking at your landscape photography and found it to be a fantastic web site. I myself prefer black and white photography and in the last 6 months have really got back into it. Very nice to see your black and white landscape photography. Keep up the good work." JH, London, 24 April 2007

"Having spent a very inspiring lunch break in the exhibition in the crescent (Buxton), I decided to look at your web-site. Wonderful. I could sit and look at the pictures all night." NM, Buxton, 19 April 2007

"Your work is truly beautiful, Dave. Thank you for seeing the world the way that you do, and making these images available." JD, 13 April 2007

"Hi, Dave -- Your work is exquisite! Thank you for getting out there and seeing what you have, in the way you have!" JD, 3 April 2007

"I just took a look at your website. I am deeply impressed!! Beautiful. I am a little bit jealous I must admit for I would love to be able to make such beautiful and powerful pictures. I recently joined a little photoclub myself to improve my skills but I see now…..I have a long way to go!!" JB, Netherlands, 7 February 2007

"Please let me say how taken I was by the artwork which you had displayed at the Newmarket Art and Craft Fair at the weekend. I am a fan of black and white photography, but absolutely fell in love with a couple of your shots.", OC, Cambridge, 6 November 2006 

"The B&W print of Chelmorton Fields arrived this morning in the post. It is absolutely beautiful, an even more exquisite image than I'd remembered from your stand at the NEC. I am very much looking forward to having it framed and mounted over here in Brussels. It is a beautiful slice of English countryside which I hope to treasure for a very long time." MF, Brussels, 30 October 2006

"Thanks for the photo Dave. It arrived safely a few days ago. Very ingenious packaging. I had a look at your website. It's impressive; I like the photo from Snowdon looking south, with all the cloud." DE, London, 21 August 2006

"Many thanks - pictures received and I am very pleased with them." GQ, Sussex, 14 June 2006

"Many thanks for two tree pics. They are, both lovely - naturally! - and very atmospheric. I particularly like the snowy trees, as it invites me in to walk through the trees. I actually moved in the chair!! Remote control by suggestion!" LM, Croydon, 1 June 2006

"I came across your photographs last weekend in a gallery in Buxton. I was blown away by them and ended up coming home with a framed 'Solomons Temple'. Such a stunning image. I have since looked at your web site and have been very impressed by your work - it is something to aspire to." DP, Stockport, 17 May 2006

 "I saw your stand at Buxton Pavilion some weeks ago and fell in love with one of your images but couldn't get back to the stand to talk with you again. I was remarking about your images being the first I'd seen which had a certain Ansel Adams-ish feel about them. ....most of all THANKS for such wonderful work. I found it so enjoyable to see such quality images and the Derbyshire images have finally confirmed what I always suspected. That given high resolution, the right time and place in Derbyshire, in the right hands, and the results can match the power of Ansels' USA work. I love telling people to check you out." AR, Derbyshire, 10 April 2006

"Just received the photo. My friend and I are very pleased with it. Thank you." SC, Northampton, 6 April 2006

"Good news - the pictures eventually arrived on Saturday. I don't know why it took so long (French postal system!! Ed.). Anyway, they are great and will still be used as a Xmas present even if a bit late..." BR, France, 2 January 2006

"Your photo arrived safely. Its great." KS, Reading, 1 December 2005

"I would like to thank you for the very nice book. I have to say that there are very nice pictures in it. You are really a high sophisticated photographer, a virtuoso." TL, Germany, 2 November 2005

"They (6 large prints - Ed.) are all hung and they look superb. Many thanks again." AH, USA, 24 October 2005

"I came across your site almost by accident. But I have to say, I am most impressed by it. I have always had a fondness for two things: B&W photography and Ski-mountaineering. Your pics are great! Its great to see work of this type in the digital age. I still maintain, there is a certain "something" about a classic B&W print- digital doesn't come close IMO! Ansel Adams showed this - I think it is great that people like yourself are continuing in this vein." JW, Scotland, 22September 2005

"I have been looking at your great website and I can say that it's one of the best landscape photography websites I have seen so far! Truly inspiring landscape work." PP, Ireland, 17 August 2005

"Just to confirm that we received the print on Saturday - it's beautiful. Thank you so much." HG, Birmingham, 15 August 2005

"Thank you very much for your gift to the Library of your book 'High Light'. It is a magnificent work in its field, and a most helpful guide to me personally as I travel to Switzerland next week for a holiday and hope to ascend the peaks around Chamonix! This will be by cable car I'm afraid to admit, but with camera in hand. Thank you for thinking of College in this way, and may 'High Light' become an essential addition to every photographers reference collection." Churchill College, Cambridge, 28 July 2005 

"My printing 'style' was inspired by Alec Perlman and, later and inevitably, Ansel Adams. After 50 years of black and white photography, your genuinely inspirational book has made me re-evaluate my printing preferences! I shall certainly explore the wonders of grades 4 and 5!!" HK, Cornwall, 21 July 2005

I have been inspired by the wonderful photos you have produced and for the technical details and other techniques you have given (in 'High Light')." GH, North Yorkshire, 9 July 2005

"Can you please pass my thanks on to Dave for the book, it's brilliant." VM, Huddersfield, 6 June 2005

"I am delighted with your book of landscapes. A very fine selection of shots which reflect your love of mountains. Your printers have done you proud too!" FP, London, 25 May 2005

"Very many thanks for the book. It is absolutely fantastic and the photos are stunning." PJ, St Lucia, 28 May 2005

"Received the book - thank you very much it is filled with great photos. I used to be a Mountain guide up in Scotland and wish I had used b/w while I was out, am certainly inspired to do more in future. Thanks again." DR, Cornwall, 25 May 2005

"I know today your web-site....very interesting and impressive works! I am architect in Lisbon and the photography is also a passion. Best regards from Portugal." OG, Portugal, 18 April 2005

"The photos are fantastic thanks very much. We had a great week in Saas Fee, 4 days sunshine and then some fresh snow. I shall get them framed this weekend." - PB, The Netherlands, 12 April 2005


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